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"Exactly as ordered"

— C. Dresner, New York

“Thank you for my Romance novel written exactly as ordered and also for the lovely book cover you designed.”


Finding the right ghostwriter can be a daunting prospect.

Here are some of the reasons why Select Ghostwriters is the best USA Writing Service:

Free Personalized Samples!

A Free Sample of 200 words, written according to your specifications without any commitment required from you, will show you exactly what excellent quality you can expect from our experienced, affordable ghostwriters. If you send us a brief description of the book or novel you have in mind, we will assign a ghostwriter to write and send you a Free Sample of your writing project within 24 hours! A Personalized Sample is the best way to form an impression of the style in which your unique story will be written and it is the most reliable preview of the actual quality of writing you can expect from our ghostwriter on your specific project.

Proven Expertise

When you have a brilliant idea for an epic story you don't want to take chances with it. You need a reliable, trustworthy writer who will do your story justice and write it in flawless grammar and composition. The market is very competitive and if you want your book or novel to be a commercial success you need the services of an Expert Ghostwriter! 

Select Ghostwriters has done all the hard work for you by pre-hiring the best ghostwriters and making their trusted writing talent available to you. This way you know that you get your story written by the best writer, guaranteed!


Affordable Prices!

For only $380 per 10,000 words (Standard) or $450 per 10,000 words (Premium) you can have your Book or Novel written by one of our Expert Ghostwriters (a short story has 10,000 words and longer works of Fiction and Autobiographies consist of 20,000 words or more). Don't pay higher prices elsewhere!

Milestone System

Your project is divided into 10,000 word sections, called Milestones; each completed and paid for separately to ensure satisfactory progress (whether the final word count of your project is 10,000 words, 20,000 words, 30,000 words or more).

Fast Turnaround Time

Each 10,000 Word Milestone will be completed and sent to you within 7 days.

Plagiarism Free!

All work is checked and edited by our expert Team Leaders before it is submitted to you, the client. This way you get quality writing, 100% plagiarism free, guaranteed!

Select Ghostwriters

The Correct Skillset

Don’t expect an expert Romance writer to be good at writing a gripping Sci-Fi Novel for you. Ghostwriting is a very broad field and it’s always better to secure the services of a ghostwriter with a skillset suitable for the specific genre you have in mind. We will assign the best writer for your specific project.

USA Ghostwriters

All of our writers are USA based Native English Speakers with at least 5 years' experience and they are ready to meet your needs with vibrant, quality Fiction and Non-Fiction ghostwriting!

Payment Protection

Your payment is held in Escrow in our account until such time as you accept each Completed Milestone of 10,000 words, as submitted to you by the ghostwriter assigned to your project.

Absolute Confidentiality

Our ghostwriter will sign a Non-disclosure Agreement with you which guarantees that his/her services remain anonymous. You will get all the Credit for and Exclusive Rights to the book or project!

Select Ghostwriters


Fiction Novels

We have experienced Fiction Writers who will bring your idea for a stunning Fiction Novel to life; including Action, Historical, Paranormal, Dystopian and Mystery novels!


Romance Novels

Our Romance writers have successfully ghostwritten numerous Bestselling Romance novels and series.



We have experts in the art of Screenwriting who will write you a Blockbuster Movie Screenplay!


Contact us to get your eBook or other Non-Fiction Project written by the best Academic writers in the business!



If you need a Custom Book Cover similar to our samples below we will design one for you for only $350! (see larger samples under Book Covers).

Simply send us your specifications!

Select Ghostwriters Cover Designs
Select Ghostwriters Cover Designs
Select Ghostwriters Cover Designs


Order a Free Sample of your Book, Novel or other Writing Project now by using the Message Box below!


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