Why Readers Prefer Graphic Sex Scenes In Romance Novels

It would be fair to suggest that the publication of ‘50 Shades of Grey’ is 80% of the reason why modern readers would rather buy the newest graphic Romance novel on Amazon than get hold of a classic like ‘Gone with the Wind’.

Readers prefer graphic Romance novels

As society continues to free itself from the constraints of exaggerated conservative thinking we see a consistent evolution of the way writers express themselves and describe the physical aspects of Romance. Just like in nature, this evolution takes a giant leap forward every couple of decades and one such a leap is represented by the publication of ‘50 Shades of Grey’.

Have People Become More Sexual?

Does anyone truly believe that people are now more sexual than they used to be during the Victorian era? Of course not, the only difference is that people now feel free to express their sexual preferences and desires whilst society no longer frowns upon this free expression.

In a modern age where anything goes it would be naive to expect the art of Romance writing to remain stagnant and not to adjust to the dictates of a consumer culture which demands writing which keeps them on the cutting edge of entertainment.

Romance Novels Have Caught Up With Reality

If reality were ever to be accurately represented by the content of Romance novels, homo sapiens on earth would have become extinct a long time ago as traditional love scenes in conservative Romance novels used to cut to the next chapter every time the characters were about to have sex!

People haven’t changed and sex hasn’t changed; what has changed in the 21st Century is that we are ready to accept that people actually have sex with each other!

The Future Of Romance Writing

It's not easy to predict the future of Romance novels, but any reasonable prognosticator or clairvoyant would suggest that much of the future state of the art in Romance writing will be determined by whichever new Romance story shatters the barriers that still exist in the way we express our physical desire and lust for one another.

Cindy Blake is a Romance Ghostwriter for Select Ghostwriters

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