5 Things To Remember When Hiring A Ghostwriter

Finding the right ghostwriter can be a daunting prospect but if you follow these pointers they will lead you all the way to ghostwriting Nirvana.

Like every other profession in the world, ghostwriting is a service where you will find both excellence and poor quality. But the same way you don’t stop going to your doctor just because you read in the paper about some other doctor who caused a patient’s death through his negligence, you shouldn’t write off all ghostwriters simply because you heard someone else had a bad experience with a specific ghostwriting service.

Use the following advice as a guide to help you find the best ghostwriting services for your specific needs:

1. Ask For A Personalized Ghostwriting Sample

Many ghostwriters will offer you brilliant samples of their past work and you may be tempted to hire them on the basis of these writings, but often their samples have been rewritten a number of times and polished to shiny jewels which bear little, if any, relation to the actual quality of work the ghostwriter in question will deliver on your project.

A short sample of 200 words written to the specifications of your project will go a long way towards giving you an idea of the results you can expect if you employ a particular ghostwriter. Most quality ghostwriters won’t object to providing you with such a sample, as long as you don’t go overboard and ask for an excessive sample of too many words.

2. Be Wary Of Low Priced Ghostwriters

If you pay peanuts you get monkeys. I’m sorry if that comes as a shock to you, but unfortunately this saying is especially true in the world of ghostwriting.

If you know the reasonable cost of building a house is $50,000 and someone offers to slap together your dwelling for $1,000 what are you going to do? Pay the $50,000 and live happily ever after or get the $1,000 guy to do the job and shiver through the winter as your house leaks and ultimately collapses under the strain of the first thunderstorm?

My advice is that you hire the expert ghostwriter (and housebuilder) who charges a little more, yet delivers a product which leaves a satisfied smile on your face.

3. Stay Away From Freelancing Platforms

Freelancing platforms, however well-intentioned, have become a haven for scammers who will take you for a ride at every opportunity. Don’t be surprised if the 'freelance ghostwriter' you hire on one of these platforms passes on your project to someone else and outsources your romance novel to be written by some semi-educated third world ‘author’ working out of his basement.

It’s far better to work with a Company like Select Ghostwriters that has essentially done all the hard work for you by pre-selecting the best ghostwriters before making their trusted writing talent available to you. This way you always know that you get a quality product in the end.

4. Hang On To The Keepers

This may appear to be stating the obvious, but it’s surprising how many clients will use a ghostwriter; be happy with the results they get and then, for some unfathomable reason, decide to try out someone else for their next project. By the time the client is done getting dragged through ghostwriting hell by their experimental ghostwriter the first writer has become fully booked for the next three months and the client is stuck without a quality ghostwriter for their project.

5. 'Horses For Courses' Applies To Ghostwriting

Don’t expect an expert article writer to be good at writing a gripping Sci-Fi Novel for you. Ghostwriting is a very broad field and it’s always better to pay a little extra to secure the services of a ghostwriter who is skilled and experienced in the specific genre you have in mind, rather than hiring a generalist and hoping for the best.

In conclusion; do your homework and make sure the ghostwriter you hire has the required skillset to be a good fit for your specific writing project.

Kyle Bradley is a Screenwriter and Sci-Fi Ghostwriter for Select Ghostwriters

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