How To Write A Killer Autobiography

Did you notice how that headline caught your eye? It sounds almost wrong the way it suggests the autobiography to be written is that of a killer. But that’s exactly what a headline is supposed to do; catch your eye and captivate your attention. The same is true about any book you write - if you want to keep your readers' attention you have to capture their interest right from the start!

Autobiographies should be good stories

In today’s sound bite driven world you are very fortunate if a reader gives you ten seconds of his or her time. What will you do with the gift? Play it safe and tell the story of where you were born and the name of the town you grew up in? If you do, the gift of ten seconds you originally received will be the only time the reader ever spends reading your story. Yet this is the very mistake most people make when writing their Life Story! If you want to avoid mistakes like these which can ruin your Autobiography it is recommended that you employ the services of a Company like Select Ghostwriters to assist you.

Everyone Has A Story To Tell

I will always believe that every single person who has lived for more than ten years on planet earth has a story to tell which people will enjoy reading. If this is true, however, the narrative of your experience has to be written like a story! How do all great stories begin? With a striking incident or interesting scene which grips the reader’s attention, rather than a long boring exposition of the background to the story.

Write Your Autobiography Like A Story

Choose one of the most interesting things that ever happened to you; the story you always tell around the campfire. This could be the time your platoon came under fire in Vietnam; your disastrous prom dance or simply the night you met your future wife and mother of your children. Use this incident as a point of departure and write it down in the most interesting and descriptive way possible.

Write A Catchy Introduction

It doesn’t matter whether the most interesting story you have to tell is something which happened towards the beginning of your life experience or the end; you can use it right at the start and anchor the rest of your Autobiography to it. Write your entire memoirs using the same ‘voice’ and descriptive language you used in the opening sequence; referring back to the first incident you described wherever possible to center your story.

Hire an Expert Writer

If you've kept a detailed diary you may employ the above method to rewrite its contents into story form, or you may simply hire an experienced writer at Select Ghostwriters to assist you in completing your Autobiography.

Janine Riley heads up the Autobiography Department at Select Ghostwriters

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